The End. The Beginning.

4.5 years Temple University has been my home and my comfort zone. Within these next days my chapter as a Temple University undergraduate student is closing. Scary? Yes. Exciting? Yes. Though I won’t… Continue reading

Aha Moments

You forget how complex some of the foundational math concepts are until you go to teach it and watch the students struggle with the abstract.  As teachers, you pull out all the tricks to… Continue reading

Set a Goal. Nailed It!

You learn many valuable lessons throughout this crazy whirlwind we call college.  I’ve come to have a newfound appreciation for goal setting and the importance of it to remain motivated with a busy schedule.… Continue reading

Happy Feet, Happy Teacher

Week one of student teaching is complete! I’m settling into routine and feeling at home in my second grade classroom.  The first week of school is an exciting whirlwind.  During the first week teachers… Continue reading

The Start

I can’t believe it! My final semester (student teaching) is here! This semester will be the most intense yet.  Everyday I will report to my assigned school and classroom where my transition from… Continue reading

The Story of #BradfordPope was #TempleMade

It all began in the Owl office in the Welcome Center at Temple University. Pratik, TU tour guide and diehard Eagles fan, was chatting with his fellow tour guide friends about football as… Continue reading

The “Last” Summer

Here we are, the last summer of my undergraduate career! So far, this summer has been one for the books! I’ve been spending as much time as possible with family and friends before… Continue reading

5 Reasons Being a “Campus Tour Guide” is the Best College Job!

1. The Perks As a college tour guide, you’re in the know about all the happenings at your school.  Not only does this get you many free t-shirts or food, but often it… Continue reading

College Cookin’

Okay, whoever said college students live off of Ramen Noodles was doing it ALL WRONG. Sure, I know some people that might just hit up Rite Aid to grab their packaged soup, but… Continue reading

Goin’ Green with Rad Dish Co-op Cafe

Temple University is an urban school that has made a commitment to creating a sustainable campus culture. The newest building on campus, Science Education and Research Center (SERC), features sustainability initiatives such as… Continue reading